Mark Marches over Malik 1

The promotion 'The Big Guns' lived up to all the hype of the last few months and was probably the biggest sporting event Bridgwater has ever seen. In fact only four of the home team came away with winners medals; Lewis Jordon then faced a rematch with Lewis Mulhall of Weston super Mare. Godbeer kept to this game plan throughout the three rounds scoring with well aimed straight punches and body kicks. Even though Hughes rallied a bit in the third round the unanimous decision went to Anita Godbeer This time however it was Mason to pinch the fight with a split decision over the Bridgwater fighter. Nash showed more maturity in his fighting style than his earlier bouts but was probably not quite convincing enough when on the attack A third fight between these two could not be ruled out as they are now one a piece. From the bell the game plan was obvious, Deeny was going take Allen down in order to avoid the superior boxing technique of the local fighter. The fight was spent much of the time against the cage where John Allen successfuly avoided much of Deeny's take down attempts. But mixed martial arts is about tactics and so the Deeny offensive was enough to gain a points win over Allen. Bridgwater's Paul Carrot was soon to follow in a lightweight bout against Frenchman Julian Waltz fighting out of The Bulldog Gym in Bournemouth. Waltz came out strong and pressured Carrot early but Carrot likes a stand up fight and was equal to the task wh However, Carrot was taken down and struggled to compete on the floor with Waltz who mounted Carrot and attacked the face repeatedly. Carrot, though, has superb resilience and showed great defence off his back despite punches raining down. But Greedy's stand up techniques proved too much for Brown although the latter did come back with some solid punches near the end.