Arthur Meek

ARTHUR MEEK feels the blend of Wado Ryu Karate fighting methods together with its discipline and etiquette, plus the contact element and physical training of Kickboxing can produce an all round Martial Artist with both skill and courage. The future of BudoJukuMartialArtsSchool is to maintain the traditional discipline of its long history but to allow technique to evolve and adapt to the requirements of an all round martial artist. Above all the diligent training should help develop outstanding character.

Fight Night 1

Hundreds of fight fans watched some thrilling action recently at the ‘All or Nothing’ fight night in The Palace nightclub. This was the first ‘pro/am’ kickboxing that distinguished amateurs with wearing headguards. Local novices Paul Dunphy and Steve Prosser both took their fights at less than a week’s notice and did themselves proud. Dunphy battled hard for three rounds to earn his first win and Prosser had to do the same to force a draw. Kirsty James returned to the ring after a lay off through injury but after a short spell in the first round after taking some shots to the head there was a fear the ear drum injury had re-occurred so club coach Arthur Meek withdrew her from the bout to safeguard her interest. in the first round after being knocked down by his opponent Mike Carter of Taunton’s United Dojos. The second round saw Budrys in a more concentrated mode and put more combinations together to force Carter to cover up. The third round was much the same until Budrys caught Carter several times with some heav One of the top of the bill fights saw a pro Southern Area contest between two of the top females in the country. A thrilling contest that displayed peak fitness from both Anna Otterwell of Chippenham and Zoey Mason from Penzance.